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Women Living in Color Publishers Network


Are you an African American woman blogger? Do you have a product or site you’d like to promote? The International Black Women’s Film Festival has a publishers network for you!

Geared toward the urban, sophisticated, African American woman who is creating on her own terms, the Women Living in Color Publishers Network is for you! Administered by AdRoll, you don’t have to worry about losing your commissions or moving your current ad network. With a growing list of ad networks to parse, you can use your existing Google Adsense, AdBrite, and other accounts!

AdRoll takes your currently existing ad network, and just adds it to others in the network so you can grow together! 

What You Get

  • Increased traffic
  • More sites, means higher payouts
  • Increased visibility
  • A network that makes sense for you and for your demographic

We Can All Come Up Together!

Tired of the petty backbiting for advertising dollars? The Women Living in Color Publishers Network wants to you take that entrepreneurial spirit and grow it with other sisters just like you! There’s enough room for everyone, and the WLIC Publishers Network is your slice of the pie.
  • Get free traffic from the unused ad space from other members in your communities
  • Get as many impressions as you give
  • Only show relevant ads from the Women Living in Color community
  • Tired of us? Then turn off “Community Traffic Exchange” any time you like!

Not Your Usual Publishers Network

If you’ve tried the other publishers networks geared toward women, you’ve probably found that your message is muddled and watered down in generic ads that don’t “speak” to your audience. 
The Women Living in Color Publishers Network isn’t generic; it’s you!

Not a Banner Exchange

As a member of the Women Living in Color Publishers Network, you are sharing your ad revenues and getting more relevant advertising dollars by linking up with similar sites. 
Here’s an example: If your audience is predominantly African American, then chances are that they aren’t looking for a tanning salon, so why should your ad network choose that for you?
Also, keywords throughout your site don’t always help out your cause. If you’re already catering to a specific audience, then you’re less likely to use words that describe your readers. For example, the term “African American” is rarely used in an African American focused site, so advertisers can only guess at your focus based on the keywords used throughout your site!
So let’s do ourselves and our visitors a favor, and make sure that they have the ads that are helpful to them…and your business!!

Join Me Today!

°Bloggers/websites are subject to approval. If your site does not fit with the networks focus, your site will be removed from the network.

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