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Volunteer Terms & Conditions

I am agreeing to the Terms & Conditions set forth for Volunteering my services, skills, resources and contacts.


INTERNATIONAL BLACK WOMEN’S FILM FESTIVAL. The International Black Women’s Film Festival will be identified as “IBWFF” or “We” in this document.

OTHERS. Staff, volunteers, committees, and directors of IBWFF will be known as “IBWFF ASSOCIATES.”

VOLUNTEERS. By filling out the required fields of the online or offline Volunteer Application, you, the applicant, will be known as a “VOLUNTEER” of the IBWFF and you will be added to a roster of VOLUNTEERS upon receipt of your application.

VOLUNTEERING. Volunteering is defined here as receiving an assignment from the IBWFF or IBWFF ASSOCIATES, as directly related to the IBWFF and its activities, and actively engaging in those assignments for three or more hours, whether consecutively, or intermittently, and proof of completion may be generated by the IBWFF or IBWFF ASSOCIATES.


We and IBWFF ASSOCIATES do not share your identifying or personal information with third parties advertisers. What we do share with funders and advertisers are the following non-identifiers: AGE RANGE, RACE/ETHNICITY, YEARLY INCOME RANGE, CITY, COUNTRY and OTHER NON-IDENTIFYING INFORMATION THAT IS ANSWERED VIA SURVEY, ONLINE POLL OR NON-IDENTIFYING ANSWERS LIKE REPORTED BUYING/PRODUCT HABITS. Your name, full address, social security number, birthdate, email address, and/or telephone number are NEVER REPORTED and are used only for internal auditing processes, contact information, and mailings. Opt-out requests are always offered when you are contacted.


By agreeing to the Terms & Conditions set forth, I am releasing the IBWFF and IBWFF ASSOCIATES of any liability, threat or injury incurred while serving as a volunteer.

I understand that in case of any injury, IBWFF ASSOCIATES, IBWFF or bystanders will assist me by contacting emergency services and following up with an emergency contact that I provide. Failure to provide an emergency contact, or to provide an updated emergency contact, or to provide a working number for an emergency contact, releases the IBWFF and IBWFF ASSOCIATES of any action that may come from the failure to contact your emergency contact.


The IBWFF may require you to view, handle, generate or interact with identifying information pertaining to filmmakers, guests, volunteers, funders, celebrities, or other film industry representatives.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you may not use any of the identifying information to electronically, physically, or verbally share with non-IBWFF ASSOCIATES, nor may you use the information to directly contact the aforementioned individuals or groups for personal gain or for information for competing groups with the expressed written consent of the aforementioned individuals or representatives of the aforementioned individuals.

Failure to comply the IBWFF’s confidentiality and nondisclosure gives the IBWFF the right to terminate your volunteer agreement, to prevent you –or any other individuals involved– from further volunteer opportunities with the IBWFF, and the right for the IBWFF, IBWFF ASSOCIATES or aforementioned individuals or groups the right to pursue legal action.


You may identify yourself as a VOLUNTEER on resumes, personal promotion, etc., upon completion of three (3) or more hours of assigned work by the IBWFF or IBWFF ASSOCIATES. Completed volunteer work may be approved in writing by the IBWFF or IBWFF ASSOCIATES in the form of a letter outlining the completion of volunteer service.


It is within the right of the IBWFF and IBWFF ASSOCIATES to report any wrong doing or illegal activities to the proper authorities or security services, and to have you removed, arrested or reported. The IBWFF and IBWFF ASSOCIATES will report and prosecute for physical, verbal, mental attacks and abuse of its staff, volunteers and guests, especially in regards to the physically disabled, mentally compromised, elderly, women, children and animals.

Please be warned that We will report any individual or group to the proper authorities who is being actively pursued by the authorities and we will provide any contact information submitted by the individual or a third party witness.

Other illegal activities that threaten or harm guests, IBWFF ASSOCIATES, other staff or proximate groups or individuals will be reported, and in the case of injury or harm inflicted, prosecuted.