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JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: California Newsreel

Download Announcement – canewsreelassociate20director1 This announcement was forwarded to me. California Newsreel has an amazing library (for rent or purchase) of African and African Diaspora cinema, as well as other films and documentaries. The deadline to apply is OCTOBER 31, 2008! YES, THAT’S TOMORROW, so dust off your resume and start sending!! (Sorry, but I...Read More

JOBS: Screenwriter, Marvel Entertainment

Marvel Entertain is looking for screenwriters to help them get their characters onto the screen. Hmm, when are we going to see more Black, female super-heroes, other than Storm…who’s a platinum blonde with blue eyes? Interested, check out Variety.com’s article, and brush up on your skills with the Organization of Black Screenwriters! Also, check out...Read More

JOBS: Executive Assistant, Brooklyn Bodega

Looking for Assistant to The President of Brooklyn Bodega/Exec Director of the BHFShare Position:  Brooklyn Bodega is looking for one or two dedicated individuals to work directly with our President and Festival Executive Director, Wes Jackson. Description: The position is a volunteer one with the distinct possibility of transforming into a paid position. Assistant will report...Read More