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Previously Screened Films

The festival has screened over 400 films. Here is a list of some of our previously screened films (an asterisk “*” denotes a premiere):

AConversationwMrsCarter  FuneralattheSambaSchoolATouchofTutelageCalypsoRose Cruzeiro DukasDilemmaStacey_Larkins  HounaandManny Jackie OfMary PortiaWhiteThinkOnMe PreyingontheHunter TheHands TheMeeting TheNextDay

*A Conversation with Mrs. Carter (USA) – Documentary, Short
*A Funeral at the Samba School (Brazil) – Short
*A Touch of Tutelage (USA) – Short
*Bessie’s Blues (USA) – Short
*Calypso Rose (Trinidad/France/USA) – Documentary, Feature
*Can’t Let Go (USA) – Short
*Clara (USA) – Short, Horror
*Cruzeiro (Brazil) – Documentary, Feature
*Daughter of Fortune (USA) – Short, Drama
*Duka’s Dilemma (Ethiopia) – Documentary, Feature
*Echo at 11 Oak Drive (USA) – Feature, Drama, Horror
*Goodnight My Love (USA) – Short, Horror
*Houna & Manny (USA) – Short
*In Search of Consonance (USA) – Comedy, Feature
*Jackie (USA) – Short
*Kuvuka Daraja (Crossing the Bridge) (Tanzania/USA) – Short
*Love Takes Time (USA) – Feature
*Mind Wars (USA) – Short
*Of Mary (U.K.) – Short
*Phila (South Africa) – Short, Drama
*Portia White: Think on Me (Canada) – Feature, Documentary
*Preying on the Hunter (USA) – Feature
*Skeleton (USA) – Short
*Tech-Free for a Weekend (USA) – Short, Documentary
*The Hands (USA) – Short
*The Happiest Day (USA) – Short, Horror
*The Meeting (Greenland) – Feature, Documentary
*The Next Day (USA) – Feature
*Women Surviving the System (USA) – Short

Jacob’s Sound (USA) – Short
16 Seeds (USA) – Short, Documentary
A Single Rose (USA) – Short
A Testament of Karma (USA) – Short, Horror
Audre Lorde-The Berlin Years (Germany) – Featured, Documentary
Birth of Bardo (USA) – Short, Experimental
Black Orpheus (Brazil) – Feature
Blue Covers (USA) – Short
Call for Back-Up (USA) – Short, Comedy
Carmin’s Choice (USA) – Short
Chrysalis (USA) – Short
Claudia Makes a Difference (USA) – Short
Critter Island (USA) – Short, Animation
Def Dance Jam (USA) – Short, Documentary
Destiny (Canada) – Short
Did I Wake You? (USA) – Short
Ebony Goddess: Queen of Ile Aiye (Brazil) – Feature, Documentary
Even Me (USA) – Short, Documentary
First Cut (USA) – Short
Get Down (USA) – Short
Good Hair (USA) – Short
Hair Daze (USA) – Short
Hair Stories (USA) – Short
Harriet Returns (USA) – Short
Holiday (USA) – Short
Hollywood Shuffle (USA) – Short
Illuminations, Vol. 2 (USA) – Short
Impresa! (USA) – Short, Experimental, Silent
In Our Heads About Our Hair (USA) – Feature, Documentary
In Search of Consonance (USA) – Feature
Irony of a Negro Policeman AKA Roll Call (USA) – Short, Experimental
Karmen Gei (Senegal) – Feature, Musical
Kissed by the Devil (USA) – Short
Knock, Knock; Who’s There? (USA) – Short
Lipology (USA) – Short
Mama Africa (Burkina Faso, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, Tunisia, and Zimbabwe) – Shorts
Mama C: Urban Warrior in the African Bush (Tanzania) – Feature, Documentary
Man Made (USA) – Short
Maple (Canada) – Short
Meanwhile in Mamelodi (South Africa) – Feature, Documentary
Memoirs of a Black Latina (USA) – Feature, Experimental
Mother & Daughter (USA) – Short
My Escape with BIKO the Balloon Deity (USA) – Short
Nappy (USA) – Short
New York 45 (USA) – Feature, Documentary, Experimental
Nobody Knows My Name (USA) – Feature, Documentary
Portrait of a Film Extra (United Kingdom) – Short
Promised Land (South Africa) – Feature, Documentary
Quase Todo Dia/Almost Everyday (Brazil) – Short
Rain (USA) – Short
Ravishing Raspberry (USA) – Short, Animation
Rebel in the Soul (USA) – Short
Rendez-vous (Canada) – Short
Rize (USA) – Documentary
Say My Name (USA) – Feature, Documentary
Secrets (USA) – Short
Severed Souls (USA) – Short
Silence (USA) – Short
Skin Quilt Project (USA) – Feature, Documentary
Soliloquy (USA/France) – Feature
Special Day (USA) – Short
Stomping on the Devil’s Head (Dominican Republic/USA) – Feature, Documentary
Strike! (USA) – Short
Sushi (USA) – Short
Sweet, Sweet Country (USA) – Short, Drama
Tears of a Swamp Fox (USA) – Short
The Actual Importance (of Being Somewhat Earnest) (USA) – Short
The Becoming Box (USA) – Short
The Letter (USA) – Short
The Unforgiving Minute (USA) – Short
The Vineyard (USA) – Short
The Wiz (USA) – Feature, Musical
Traces (Canada) – Short
Two Bodies (USA) – Short
Vivian (USA) – Short
When Spirits Dance Mambo (Puerto Rico/USA) – Short, Documentary
White Sugar in a Black Pot (USA) – Short