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Marcia Sinclair – Lemon Tea (movie)

My name is Marcia Sinclair and I am an award-winning writer who is looking to get my screenplay, *Lemon Tea,* made into a movie.

*I am asking for your support for more quality African-American films by joining the grassroots efforts at* http://www.lemonteathemovie.ning.com.

But first, let me to tell you more about this project and why I need your support.

The script has the backing of some Hollywood notables; however I have found that some movie industry investors need more convincing. They need to hear that the general public is not only interested in African-American movies that involve slap-stick, action, gangs or disingenuous characters, but would also support more quality films about friendship, community, role models and conquering life’s adversaries.

The *Lemon Tea* script has received much acclaim for its funny, sometimes sad, heartwarming family story, with a message that transcends age, race or gender. In brief, the story surrounds the main character, Libby who is ashamed of her dark skin, but soon discovers that beauty comes in a myriad of shades, and furthermore, the beauty that lasts forever comes from the heart. (A full synopsis of the story can be found at

Actors who have been attached to the script in the past include Irma P. Hall, Harry Lennix, T’Keyah Crystal Kemah, Ben Guillory, Ella Joyce and Wandachristine. In 2005 a new scene was written and filmed starring Irma P. Hall and Harry J. Lennix in an effort to attract investors

Find more photos like this on Supporters for Making the Movie Lemon Tea

*Again, please take a couple minutes to join the grassroots efforts to convince investors that the public would be interested in stories like Lemon Tea * http://www.lemonteathemovie.ning.com

*But, don’t stop here.* Will you also share this with your colleagues and constituents and encourage them to join the efforts?

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