The Palace Theater

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1445 23rd Ave Oakland, CA 94606 The International Black Women’s Film Festival is proud to be a part of resurgence and revitalizing efforts of the historic landmark the Palace Theater! Managed by the arts collaborative Lucid Dream Loung, Inc., the Palace Theater was built in 1923 as a vaudevillian theater featuring some of the most talented […]

EARLY ALIENS (**Premiere!**)

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1:10 PM | “Early Aliens” (USA/dir. Kathleen Antonia  – 2014)**PREMIERE** A parody of the “Ancient Aliens” programming, this short film introduces new theories of E.T.’s history with Earth humans. Come for the laughs, leave with the lessons. Short/Comedy   1:40 PM |”On Early Aliens” (Discussion) Director Kathleen Antonia discusses the inspiration of and introduces her […]


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12:50 PM | “Deluge” (USA/dir. Nijla Mu’min  – 2014) After witnessing the mass drowning of her friends and struggling with the decision not to jump in, 15-year old Tiana must decide if she will join the order of black mermaids that protect the waters where her friends rest. This film is partly inspired by the […]


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12:45 PM | “Bombingham“(USA/dir. Gabrielle Gorman – 2015) An experimental reenactment of the 1963 church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama were 4 girls were killed. The short has in fact received admiration from Sarah Collin Rudolph, the survivor of the bombing. Short/Experimental